Welcome to the new face of ImagIT!

You might have noticed some changes around here recently, so let us introduce you to our new site.

what’s changed at ImagIT?

ImagIT’s core missions and focus haven’t changed; we are still your IT experts and our commitment to you is still the same. We work with you to understand your needs and goals, align your services for efficiency and productivity, and make expert recommendations for the health of your IT environment. As we grow, we continue to ensure that we are supporting you in your growth and strategizing for the future. We provide global technology solutions to support an ever-changing industry, not as a vendor but as a partner. Trust, integrity, intelligence, reliability; these are our values, we are ImagIT.

What’s changed on the website?

We have updated our website to better reflect what we are able to do for you and align with your primary needs. Our new site also reflects our growth and increased coverage in the past few years. ImagIT still has 400 engineers across North America, but we now have a multi-national presence as well to better serve you.

Find out more about our primary service offerings or see who we work with to learn more about our focus. Start with our About Us page for an overview and a look at our competencies and coverage. To get a more in depth look at what ImagIT could do for your company read some of our Case Studies and discover how we have helped other organizations with innovative and professional solutions.

What’s Next?

ImagIT will continue to deliver the IT expertise you need to thrive in this increasingly technology-driven world, ensuring that we are your best resource for IT services both now and in the future.

We’re your partner for all things technology and we are proud to support you.

ImagIT Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive IT services for channel partners, MSPs, and enterprise-level organizations. Our expansive engineering team is carefully vetted and trained to meet your every IT need. Whether its proactive support, an emergency call, long-term projects, or project management, ImagIT will deliver a solution that is customized to best fit your organization. Interested in learning more about working with ImagIT? Contact us today!