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Some of the biggest challenges that I have faced when working with IT companies has been their lack of knowledge, expertise, and proactive communication. Imagit is different from those companies because they are proactive in nature and have phenomenal technical expertise. This has enabled us to serve our clients that needed assistance with applications, systems, etc. that were beyond our ability or capacity. In addition to providing our clients with great service, the Imagit team scores highly on personnel. Our favorite thing about working with Imagit is the incredible people, they are always a joy to work with. Imagit is a partner that you can trust with helping to build your business.

Logan McCoy, CCB Technology

We’ve had issues in the past with IT companies that were lacking in services, untrustworthy, and slow to respond, with sales people who were always looking for the path of least resistance. Our national presence also made working with local and regional providers time consuming for our team. With Imagit, we’ve put all of these issues behind us. The Imagit team is easy to engage and work with, incredibly responsive, competitively priced, and in every case the quality of the work has been excellent. The breadth of Imagit’s offering is very strong, and they will jump on a call with our client and sales people to help us close business as a representative of our company. They have provided a national presence and have made working together efficient and easy from initial quote to project management of services performed. Imagit makes the outsourcing of IT services simple and professional, and the team at Imagit always represents MicroAge in a way that makes us comfortable introducing them to any client.

Larry Fulop, MicroAgeLarry Fulop, MicroAge

One of the hardest parts of supporting clients in today’s information age is providing consistent and high quality service and support to remote locations and workforces. For a small and local MSP like us, doing this well is next to impossible. Imagit made the impossible, possible. Imagit’s qualified IT engineers have been a real game changer for Switchfast. The Imagit Team is professional, easy to work with, fast and responsive. We know that when we engage Imagit, our clients will receive the same level of superior service as when they work with us directly. Stop screwing around and start working with the best. Imagit won’t let you down.

Tim Schmitt, Switchfast

When we first started operations in the US we needed a trusted IT partner to help us with not only procuring all of our hardware, software, and services but also to guide us as to the right vendors for our company. We started working with Imagit almost 5 years ago and they have helped us not only with our initial setup and ongoing maintenance but through our recent move as well. We look to Imagit for day to day support as well as our projects and moves, you should too!

Puya Vakili-Zad, Nijhuis Water TechnologyPuya Vakili-Zad, Nijhuis Water Technology

One of the biggest difficulties we’ve experienced in the past when working with other IT companies was having the provider understanding our ever-changing network. In working with Imagit Inc we have found a team that can keep up with our escalation processes and give us a continuous internal resource reduction. Our favorite thing about working with Imagit is the ever so friendly and helpful staff. The consolidated invoicing has also been a huge added value for Regus. We recommend Imagit as an all-inclusive solution provider. They are truly solution specialists.

Jeffrey Lipes, RegusJeffrey Lipes, Regus

We are a hardware company, and a hardware company only – we do not provide any installation services or management of the devices thereafter. That being said, we receive occasional calls where customers would love to use our product, but don’t know how to handle a dependable installation, so they’d ask for our recommendation on a local installer. The problem here is that we don’t have a geographical database of installers, so it was often times tough to find one for each new inquiring customer. Now whenever I have someone that needs installation help I reach out to Imagit and know that our customer will be in good hands. Imagit is quick to respond and quickly developed a deep understanding of how our products work, so our clients get a well-designed and high-performing network. Imagit has been a pleasure to work with so far and they always come through with quality service – I look forward to more projects with them.

Joseph Scarpelli, Open MeshJoseph Scarpelli, Open Mesh

Out of the gate, Imagit proved to us that they exist far apart from other IT support providers that we’ve used. On a recent job, there were mistakes made by the client that initially appeared to be errors by the Imagit technician. The tech took pride in his work and owned the project, coming in on the weekend to resolve the client mistake and ensuring the success of the assignment despite this curveball. Even with the short notice and compressed schedule of the project, the entire Imagit team was calm and professional. The ownership stake Imagit takes, whether working a project alone or in conjunction with our team, means that we can trust our most delicate and sensitive projects to the Imagit team. Beyond that, the technical abilities and range of experience Imagit provides exceeds that of other IT companies we have worked with previously. If you want to be able to grow your business and expand your footprint without the burden and expense of bringing on in-house engineers, Imagit is the best help you can ask for.

Bobby Pappas, LunaTechBobby Pappas, LunaTech

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Imagit Inc specializes in providing comprehensive IT services for channel partners, managed service providers and enterprise businesses with multiple locations. Our expansive engineering team is carefully vetted and trained to meet your every IT need. Whether it’s proactive support, an emergency call, long-term projects, or project management, Imagit will deliver a solution that is customized to best fit your organization.

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