26 04, 2018

Does Your Company’s Security Policy Address These Seven Points?

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Data breaches and ransomware attacks have become more prevalent than ever, with almost 7 billion records breached in the past two years. Many cybersecurity issues still involve basic, fundamental security missteps, which directly or indirectly lead to these incidents. These attacks can be reduced by establishing clear security guidelines and providing training for your employees. Implementing these key components in your security and disaster recovery plans will help your organization’s network combat attacks. Here are some points to address as part of your company security policy: Emphasize the Importance of Security It’s important to instill that security is everyone's responsibility. Employees should be told why cybersecurity is important and the potential risks should be explained in detail. If data is lost or stolen it most likely will negatively affect the individuals involved, as well as severely jeopardize the company. If the company systems are infected with malware, this could hamper the efficiency of the organization. Ask employees to take an active role in security by reporting suspicious activity to their IT administrator. If employees become aware of an error, even after it has happened, reporting it to IT means something can still be done to minimize the damage. Cybersecurity is a matter that concerns everyone in the organization, and each employee needs to take an active role in contributing to the company’s security. Secure Computers and Devices When employees leave their desks, they should lock their screens or log out to prevent any unauthorized access. Laptops and cellphones should also be physically locked when not [...]

16 04, 2018

History of ImagIT: From One-Man Shop to Multi-National Corporation

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ImagIT has grown so much since our early days. Read our story and find out how we got our name, how we expanded so fast and what the future holds. At ImagIT Solutions, we're dedicated to delivering expert technology solutions and reliable services. This was true when the company was founded and we are just as committed to this goal today. From a one-man shop, to our expansion internationally, our values remain: trust, integrity, intelligence, and reliability. An early entrepreneur The ImagIT story began in the late nineties when founder Brian Gardner taught himself how to build computers. Brian reverse engineered the family computer a few times to understand it and soon had built his own machine. At the time, Brian was working as a caddy at a golf course in Oakbrook, IL. When the golfers found out that he was building computers that were not only customized but also of great quality, they began asking him to do builds for them. Soon he was making a decent profit, building computers that rivaled the available manufacturers of the time and selling them to businesses in the area. From there, he was asked to build several business computers for a doctor’s office. The office also asked him to set up a print server (there were no network printers at that time), so Brian taught himself how to do so and set that up as well. "Everything in life is a math equation, people are the common denominators." ― Brian Gardner, CEO Brian soon realized that [...]

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