18 10, 2017

Tech Conference Recap – Channel Partners Evolution 2017

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Our team is back from Channel Partners Evolution 2017 and we’ve got some highlights to share with you! Channel Partners Evolution (CPEvolution) was held September 25 to September 28 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. The channel tech conference was attended by 3000 of the industry’s leading solution providers, vendors, distributors, IT professionals and media, with over 150 exhibitors. Here’s our recap: Notes from the Conference Floor CPEvolution’s 3000 attendees came from various tech backgrounds and were mainly midmarket enterprise level partners and clients with a more regional focus. As the audience at CPEvolution was slightly different than that at ChannelCon the previous month, we were able to reach a different market. This conference was a great opportunity to meet and greet at an expedited level as we continue to grow the ImagIT brand. We had a great opportunity at CPEvolution to co-create a presentation with partners Steadfast and Ntegrated. Together with our partners we shared a unified message for attendees, explaining how to solve the cloud mystery and increase commissions. For clients that are looking to move to the cloud, working with our partner group is a simple way to streamline migration and ensure the best approach. Here's how we work together with our partners to make migration to the cloud simple for a client: If you are looking to migrate to the cloud, there are a few different aspects of technology that need to be evaluated and addressed. The first aspect is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which is a [...]

12 10, 2017

Opening a new office? You need this network infrastructure guide.

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There are a variety of challenging decisions you have to make whenever you open a new office. Where should your new office be located? Who should staff it? And perhaps most importantly, will you have a network infrastructure in place that allows your new location to flourish? A properly functioning network infrastructure connects various devices throughout your office, allowing your hardware components and software applications to interact seamlessly with each other. To put it simply, your new office won’t be able to provide your customers with the services or care they need if your IT infrastructure is lacking. Imagine a client being unable to reach you due to a flawed voice network, or losing valuable data because you don’t have the right disaster recovery backup solutions in place. These are scenarios you should do everything in your power to avoid. So where should you begin? To help you make informed decisions as you’re building out your new office, we’ve created a Network Infrastructure 101 Guide that walks through the steps you need to take to ensure your IT infrastructure fulfills your organization's needs. This guide touches on essentials to any infrastructure plan, including: Laying the foundation for your network by making sure your voice and data cabling needs are met both now and in the future Creating a cohesive environment with network engineering and systems engineering Finding the best storage and backup solutions for your information Making decisions on voice, internet, access control and more Take a detailed look at your network infrastructure planning and [...]

4 10, 2017

ImagIT Channel Partner News – October 2017

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ImagIT was built on partner relationships and we are proud to continue adding new and diverse partners to our expanded team. Through our network of channel partners we are able to assist clients with a vast array of products and services outside our own wheelhouse. Here are this month's featured partners.    ImagIT partners with electrical manufacturer RM Stoof & Associates. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. R.M. Stoof is known for providing end-to-end power quality improvements. From concept design to implementation, R.M. Stoof is focused on providing a high standard of service to all its clients. Together, R.M. Stoof and ImagIT saw the value that could be co-created by a Installation Services Partnership. We are looking to align, partner, and execute on enterprise engagements across the U.S., beginning with multi-site rollout. ImagIT partners with consultancy firm ConsultIP. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ConsultIP is known for helping enable client to make smart technology purchasing decisions. Whether it’s voice, data, or cloud, ConsultIP has a team of award-winning subject-matter experts who are there to help clients with everything from strategic planning and solution design to technical architecting. Together, ConsultIP and ImagIT saw the value that could be co-created by a Professional Services Partnership. We are looking to align, partner, and execute on small-mid enterprise engagements across the U.S., beginning with strategic alignment areas. ImagIT partners with convergence company CCC Technologies. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, CCC specializes in connecting, protecting, and preserving mission critical information and initiatives for their clients. Whether it be unified communications and network infrastructure, [...]

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