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About Us


At ImagIT Solutions, our national team of over 400 carefully vetted and trained engineers have the experience to take IT concerns off your plate and get the job done right.

ImagIT expertly manages every aspect of your technology infrastructure so you can focus on your business. We are available to provide long-term IT planning for your organization, innovative project management solutions, and to ensure your IT environment is set up so your organization can succeed now and in the future. We’re your partner for all things technology.

Our History

ImagIT Solution was founded in Chicago in 1999 by CEO Brian Gardner with the goal of providing comprehensive IT services for organizations across the country. Originally serving only smaller businesses, today we fully support organizations who have thousands of locations throughout North America. Built on providing exceptional customer service with the most trusted technicians in the field, we continue to grow with our clients and expand internationally.

ImagIT provides technology solutions to support an ever-changing industry, not as a vendor, but as a partner. Trust, integrity, intelligence and reliability – these are our values.

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