One thing we see a lot at ImagIT is that many people don’t think about the true cost of a job well done. When we submit a proposal for IT services, it’s always based on our real experience of the work and resources required for a quality solution that meets your needs.

But for people who aren’t working in IT day in and day out, it’s hard to know the true cost of dependable, skilled IT services. When someone tells you about cheap IT services, it can be tempting to assume the best about the integrity and experience you’ll get for your dollar. Unfortunately, this often results in higher overall costs when all factors come to light.

Is it Apples to Apples?

It’s important to understand what is and isn’t included in the proposals you receive. Begin by making a comparison chart of primary aspects such as price, delivery time frame, and services so you can truly compare apples to apples. Look for proposals that spell out exactly what you will receive, rather than ones that make broad or vague statements. Companies that are not detailed about what is included in the contract, such as hours of training, change orders, on-going costs, etc., will not deliver what you think they promised.

Don’t Assume All IT Companies Are Equal

Price quotes can vary for a multitude of reasons, and so can a company’s experience. When it comes to IT services, and especially large-scale projects, you want the most qualified company for the job. A lesser-experienced company will often present a lower bid, and that inexperience is often reflected in poor recommendations, shoddy workmanship, safety oversights, and the inexperience of the technicians.

Questions to Ask

To avert potential risks when selecting a provider, make sure to consider these points:

  1. Do they follow industry best practices?
  2. What is their level of experience with the specific technologies involved?
  3. How thorough is their engineer or technician vetting process?
  4. Have they worked with other organizations in a similar industry?
  5. Are they recognized in the industry and partnered with the leading names in technology?
  6. Have they delivered on similar projects successfully?
  7. Is the solution customized to your business or does the provider use a one size fits all approach?
  8. What differentiates them from the competition?

These questions will help you judge the cost versus the value of a proposal. Be wary of the provider that tries to sell you on the promise of price alone, as often there will be a surprise around the corner. This is where the adage “you get what you pay for” comes into play. You don’t want to overpay for a job, but if you take a chance on the least expensive option, solely on price, you will probably end up paying someone else to redo the work later.

Common Issues

The bad news is you tend to get what you pay for with IT services. If someone is offering a very low cost for a service that requires a high-level of expertise, they’re cutting corners somewhere. And even though your initial bill may be low, you’ll pay for it down the road. What are most common ways you’ll end up paying?

  • Loss of business productivity due to failures
  • Employee and customer frustration or loss
  • Paying another provider to repair errors

Health Checks

Maintenance is an important step towards protecting your investments. This is especially true with your IT network, which is critical to keeping your business up and running. Make sure the provider you work with will proactively maintain your network by fixing issues before they become problems. Remember, a broken or compromised network will cost you in productivity, lost sales, and reputation, so maintaining it with regular health checks just makes sense.

Investing in Quality

Though we can’t do our job with excellence and compete with the unbelievable advertised prices you may hear about for IT services, ImagIT is proud to stand by the quality we offer each of our clients. We’re confident that we can save you money by providing best-value recommendations, clear proposals, fair pricing, and excellent IT services from our skilled team.

ImagIT has years of industry experience serving companies of all industries and sizes. We are recognized in the tech industry as the go-to network engineering partner, guaranteeing impressive and integrity-based results. At ImagIT we value our clients and create long-term relations that allow us to support their ongoing success. Through best practices and skilled engineers, we’re delivering high quality services that won’t let you down.

ImagIT Solutions was built on personalized services and partner relationships and we continue that legacy to this day. Our innovative solutions are developed to fit your needs for today and are scalable for your organization’s growth plan. Our team of experts work at the intersection of business and technology to help your organization build for the future while tackling any IT challenges you may face on the way. To learn more about our array of services visit click HERE. Or to learn more about ImagIT, meet our leadership team, and view our competencies and coverage please click HERE.