Businesses today are enjoying greater data capacity and processing power than ever before thanks to rapid advances in technology. This is revolutionizing the way that we do business and companies of all sizes are benefiting from the efficiency and productivity gains that are necessary for success in an increasingly competitive environment.

Your IT network is the foundation of your organization, keeping communications running and keeping your business connected to partners and clients. Without a strong network, your employees experience a lag in productivity and increase in downtime every day. In fact, although cabling usually only accounts for a small portion of network deployment costs, studies indicate that up to 70% of network problems are caused by poor cabling practices or components.

In investment in cabling offers many advantages, and eliminates many problems that can plague infrastructure, making it a valuable investment with high ROI potential. We’ve created a guide about The Importance of Understanding and Utilizing Proper Cabling to help walk you through everything you need to know about your cabling including:

  • The Hindrances of Inadequate Cabling
  • Why Businesses Should Use Structured Cabling
  • The Benefits of Structured Cabling
  • Choosing the Right Network Cabling

Take a detailed look at your cabling and make sure your organization is set up for success — click the button below to download your free guide.

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Many businesses can benefit from a cabling upgrade. Although the choices available to a business that is looking to upgrade can be overwhelming, these can be navigated with the help of a trusted IT partner. New cabling can transform an organization and provide a futureproof investment, greater simplicity and flexibility, and reduced downtime. If you think your business may be ready for a cabling upgrade or if you are looking to learn more about voice, video, or data systems cabling solutions, contact us today.

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