Our team enjoyed ChannelCon in Las Vegas and we’ve got some highlights to share with you!

The 2019 CompTIA ChannelCon took place in Las Vegas, NV at The Bellagio on Aug 5 – 7, 2019. Here’s our recap of the event:

Notes from the Conference Floor

The 3 day event was very well attended and we were pleased to network with many of our current partners as well as new leads. The Executive Council run breakout sessions were also well attended and participants were very active, coming up with many great ideas during the roundtables, flipchart sessions, and think-tank exercises. The legendary Shaquille O’Neal was the keynote speaker, and the audience was very engaged with his session. Shaq discussed his career, current business interests, and love for tech. Read more about the keynote on CompTIA’s website.  Many people overlook this “larger-than-life” character as just that…a character due to his jovial personality and relentless wit and comic relief during his broadcasts as a color-commentator in live sporting events. Yet, the former backboard breaker is quite the business mogul in the tech space and has spoken at other tech conferences in addition to ChannelCon!

Overall we were extremely happy with this event and it was great to meet so many people who were really interested in speaking with us.  The CompTIA community continues to be one of the most engaged audiences we encounter, which is why we have boothed for the last 3 years. Our partnership with MSPs is a logical marriage where 2 entities that do exactly the opposite of the other are able to be put in the same room together and determine where stop-gaps exists to create lucrative working partnerships. Check out what others took away from Comptia.

Networking Opportunities

The Bellagio was a great location for this event and we were able to make the most of the location by attending a couple of networking events. The team agrees that the best team-building activity we did together was play 8-man foosball, such a great way to engage! We would have loved to see a couple of additional after hours events on our schedule this year, Vegas is prime for socializing and maximizing our time during the trip is important. We also left the Austin conference last year with a great souvenir (a cowboy hat to remember Texas), and we think Vegas could have easily been tied in with some trinket around it’s famous offerings.

Next Up

If you missed us but would like to start a conversation lets schedule a time to chat, we’re always working to line up synergistic meetings during our travels! Our next conference is Channel Partners Evolution September 9-12, 2019 in Washington, D.C. Join us with a FREE expo pass using code Imagit.

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