As cyber threats increase and with so many natural disasters happening every month, it has never been more important for companies to be prepared for the unexpected.

We are happy to share some information from our partners at Pronto Recovery about being prepared for disaster, because the only thing harder than planning for an emergency is explaining why you didn’t.

Is your business at risk?

Natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the Mexico City earthquake (just to name a few) have caused billions of dollars in damages just in the past year. Meanwhile, cyber-attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware attack have affected computers, IT systems, and networks worldwide.

Disasters happen every day and the extent of the damage they leave behind may vary, but with thorough and tested plans you can reduce the impact they have on your organization. A disaster doesn’t have to be a large-scale event like a natural disaster or cyberattack to compromise your premises, they can be any small-scale, man-made or accidental, internal or external events that affect your employee’s ability to continue operations. Companies should prepare for all possible disaster scenarios, which is where business continuity and disaster recovery come into play.

While there are many similarities between business continuity and disaster recovery – and on many occasions the same team will be involved in both within an organization – BC and DR are two separate plans with similar yet different goals and objectives.

Disaster recovery vs. business continuity

Disaster Recovery is more reactive and focuses on restoring IT and operations after a crisis. Business continuity on the other hand is more proactive, and it looks at the continuity of the entire organization including the physical aspects – like people, technology hardware, and offices. The lack of well thought out and tested plans can mean a significant increase in your organization’s downtime and loss of revenue, and may even take you out of business for good.

Pronto provides global business continuity solutions including quick ship of all necessary computing hardware, pre-imaged and installed with software, and other technology equipment within 24 hours or less. We also offer testing services and are able to provide custom solutions based on your recovery and continuity needs. Through our partnership with ImagIT Solutions, we are able to offer comprehensive support for your business technology needs in times of disaster. In addition to our technology quick ship service, we also partner with the industry leader in workplace recovery to offer flexible alternate workspace locations, utilizing a network of over 3,000 office spaces in 120 countries.

Our clients work with our sales team to define and understand their recovery goals and receive customized and cost-effective solutions based on their organizations’ needs. Instead of buying and storing backup equipment themselves, we help free up our clients’ IT resources by maintaining, storing and ensuring the equipment is up to date and ready-to-use when delivered. Our strategically placed global depots allow us to offer a resilient solution for backup hardware that will reduce your organization’s recovery time and ensure that your mission critical staff has the equipment they need to continue operations – wherever and whenever they might need it.

Minimizing downtime and the loss of revenue, while protecting client information and your organization’s reputation are our top priorities. With a complete BC/DR plan these goals can be achieved and your business can be protected from losses.


ImagIT Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive IT services for channel partners, MSPs, and enterprise-level organizations. Our expansive engineering team is carefully vetted and trained to meet your every IT need. Whether its proactive support, an emergency call, long-term projects, or project management, ImagIT will deliver a solution that is customized to best fit your organization. Interested in learning more about working with ImagIT? Contact us today!