Case Study

Two-Hour SLA for Data Center Ensures Quick Resolutions

Two-Hour SLA for Data Center Ensures Quick Resolutions 2017-08-17T21:19:15+00:00
ImagIT’s engineering team provided break/fix support and emergency responses for this international client as their North American engineering hands.


A London-based music streaming services company with no engineering presence in North America needed a firm to be their engineering hands for their hardware in a California datacenter. Due to their business type, the client could not afford to have outages. Therefore, they needed a partner to be available 24/7 and ready to resolve any issue at the datacenter, while also doing general tier one engineering.

Delivered Solution

ImagIT was brought in through a partner to be the client’s full-service IT team with a two-hour service level agreement (SLA). ImagIT resolved all emergencies quickly and efficiently, keeping the datacenter running smoothly around the clock. ImagIT’s engineers completed general datacenter management including testing and replacing cables, upgrading hardware/software, drive and tape changes, implementing baseline configurations, and resolving physical connection problems. The engineers also observed and reported on the environment for the client.

The multi-year contract was completed with all requirements fulfilled, and throughout the duration of the contract, ImagIT rectified 100% of the on-site issues presented to them. With ImagIT’s expertise and ability to provide the two-hour SLA, the client was in good hands and positioned for their growth and success in North America.

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