National Installation of VOIP Services to Multiple End Users

Imagit’s nationwide engineering team quickly completed VOIP device and router installations across North America within 7 days of each order.


A national reseller of Verizon “One-Talk” VOIP devices and routers had a need for a national and professional installation company to handle their device installations and portal configurations on-site at multiple end-user companies. The clients goal was to replace their existing installation services to increase efficiency and professionalism, create a positive installation experience for their customers, and generate repeat business. Installations need to be scheduled within 7 days of the end user receiving the shipment of equipment. Due to the porting of existing numbers to the new service provider, this had to be carefully scheduled to avoid service interruptions.

Delivered Solution

Imagit designed an installation plan to ensure a quick, professional, and complete installation with a nationwide footprint. Assigned Project Managers received the request for installations, contacted the appropriate installation engineers to verify project availability, and contacted the end user to schedule installation dates and times. When on-site, Imagit engineers would verify delivery of equipment and quantities, do a site survey to ensure installation readiness, assemble each device, and install in the verified locations for each device. Once hardware installation was completed, the engineer would then work with the Project Manager to set-up and configure the online management portal as requested by the end-user. Engineer would then verify completed functionality, make test calls, and provide end-user training on how to use the devices.

By using Imagit’s professional team of nationwide installers, the client was able in increase their sales, add new products and services, and market nationwide installation services as part of their portfolio of products. Imagit’s Product Managers and Engineers worked cohesively with the end user’s staff and the Verizon representatives to ensure a smooth and painless transition and migration with minimal service interruption during the installation process. This is an on-going project with hundreds of sites being completed every month.

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