Multi-Site Network Upgrade for MSP Client

Imagit’s skilled engineering team upgraded this client’s network hardware across multiple locations for functionality and compatibility.


A social services agency required expert engineering services to upgrade their network across primary and satellite offices for multiple locations. The client’s vital business functions required that all locations be fully compatible with upgrades done at the primary location.

Delivered Solution

Imagit was brought in by a managed service provider partner to design, manage and engineer the entire project.  Engineers installed and configured hardware and completed testing and troubleshooting to guarantee proper network connectivity from all satellite offices. Several upgrades were implemented at all locations, Imagit kept the client functioning at peak performance and with full compatibility across their network throughout this transition.

Imagit’s engineers, technicians, and project managers worked cohesively with the onsite staff and other client partners to ensure a smooth process and quick turnaround. All project initiatives were successfully completed within the agreed upon time and budget.

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