End-To-End Project Management Expedites Install of 1000s of Access Points

Imagit’s complete coordination of this wireless upgrade project delivered on the client’s request for simultaneous installation at multiple large distribution warehouses.


A nationwide supply chain services company needed end-to-end project management on a wireless network upgrade for 17 large distribution warehouses spread throughout the United States. Due to a strict time constraint, the client required simultaneous and continuous installations for the entirety of the project and a project management team to coordinate all schedules.

Delivered Solution

Imagit’s Project Management Office (PMO) organized every step of the client’s project including the tasks of both Imagit and client/partner teams in order to complete the upgrade as a continuous install from start to finish as requested. The PMO selected the most qualified engineers and effectively communicated the scope of work for the engagement and client specific training. Imagit then managed all aspects of the IT engineering tasks while also coordinating schedules of the client staff and an additional project partner. The PMO created an efficient timeline for successful completion of the installation from the initial drops through the complete install of thousands of access points through post-deployment surveys and testing. The Imagit PMO ensured that the project stayed both on-time and on-budget.

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