Customized Media Streaming Project Saves Client $250k Per Year

Imagit’s innovative ideas for this large client streamlined services and resulted in an immediate and lasting return on investment.


A nationwide workspace company asked Imagit to implement cost saving measures for their 1200 locations. The organization had a separate television service and cable bill for every location, therefore Imagit proposed eliminating the separate cable bills to consolidate while saving money.  Imagit Inc proposed installing and configuring streaming media players at each TV location to eliminate the current TV providers.

Delivered Solution

Imagit’s Project Management Office (PMO) developed a streamlined process for the configuration and installation of the devices at every television across all 1200 locations. The PMO worked with the procurement and engineering department to order, register, configure, and retrofit all devices to fit the client’s needs. The team also created an operating manual and support channel for the client’s ease of use. Imagit’s PMO selected qualified Imagit engineers to complete each site install and create an efficient installation timeline. The PMO then oversaw the process at each site, communicating with the selected engineers regarding installation, testing and completion, and the training process for the site managers. Imagit managed all aspects of the project to keep the engagement on track both in terms of time and budget while conveying important information to the client site managers.

Imagit’s proposed solution resulted in an immediate ROI of ~$250K per year for the client with an immense savings over time and a consolidation of one of their services. The Project Management Office and Engineering Department worked with each of the 1200 sites to systematically complete services within an aggressive timeline and provide support for all ongoing needs.

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