Complete Overhaul Brings Massive Systems Improvements

Imagit’s expert engineers brought order to this client’s systems with custom solutions for asset tagging and ticket submission as well as complete IT services.


A media and technology firm had a need for a full-service IT team. The company had become dissatisfied with the lack of attention to detail and time utilization from their current IT provider. They required professional engineers to resolve issues that had developed over time as well as prepare their organization for future growth.

Delivered Solution

Imagit came in to be the reliable IT resource that the client needed, delegating two full-time engineers to be the client’s on-site support. Our assigned engineers analyzed all capacities of the client’s network innerworkings to make the best recommendations and then fulfill the needed tasks for improvements. Imagit found that there were numerous issues ranging from daisy chained switches, to Wi-Fi failures, to untracked and lost equipment. To resolve these issues and position the company for future success, Imagit helped improve processes that had immediate and long-term positive effects on the company; all while managing the general day-to-day IT operations for the client.

Imagit created and implemented a user-friendly asset tagging and inventory system that was both PC and Mac compatible and enabled location tracking to help the client recuperate lost devices. Through tracking these devices and restoring them to the company, Imagit saved the client equipment dollars and created an orderly system. The engineers also created an IT ticket submission portal so that users could log issues to be addressed, allowing the engineers to resolve numerous issues that had been ignored by previous support. By the completion of this contract, the number of tickets logged due to technical issues had dropped by 90%. The Imagit team worked to ensure a secure and efficient IT environment for the client by replacing and configuring switches, maintaining servers, running new wiring and cabling where needed, creating new workstations, managing Active Directory and Outlook, and more. Imagit also assisted the client by moving the IT (for several hundred employees) from their primary office to a new location, ensuring a smooth transition. The Imagit Team completed the contract and went above and beyond the client’s expectations, giving them an excellent foundation for success and scalability.

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