Depot Services


Your mission critical equipment delivered and installed in less than 4 hours.

With Imagit’s depot services, you can greatly decrease the time and money spent on backing up mission critical devices. In your major markets, we store equipment for you and our trained experts rapidly deliver and install it when you need it. Now, rather than keeping backups of key equipment at every site, amounting to perhaps hundreds of redundant devices, you can have just a few devices in each major metro. Set the parameters for your plan and we take care of everything else, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

Our depot services include:

  • Your mission critical equipment stored locally
  • Trained technical staff that deliver and install
  • The best SLA in the business
  • Logistics, inventory count, and insurance all managed for you

Imagit has your equipment needs covered with depots around the world and expert support.

Need help with a special project? Streamline equipment staging and imaging as well as distribution with a custom depot services project. When your business needs to roll out equipment to many locations, you can utilize our services to provide a time and cost savings. Simply ship all of the equipment to our depot where our staff will complete the staging and imaging to ensure all devices meet your requirements. From there, our team dispatches and installs the devices for you. We can also hold equipment for your business, allowing you to take advantage of bulk pricing and receive smaller orders of your inventory when and where you need it. Readily set up workstations as new employees onboard without having to wait weeks for new equipment to be ordered and shipped!

Interested in learning more about our depot services? Contact us today!