Imagit eSOW

Imagit Inc specializes in providing comprehensive IT services for channel partners, managed service providers and enterprise businesses with multiple locations.  Our expansive engineering team is carefully vetted and trained to meet your every IT need.  Whether it’s proactive support, an emergency call, long-term projects or project management, Imagit will deliver a solution that is customized to best fit your organization.

Imagit is recognized in the tech industry as the go to network engineering partner, guaranteeing impressive and integrity based results. We are proven, brave, curious, passionate, determined and lots of fun… people like us!

This Express Statement of Work (eSoW) template has been provided to you as a self-service option to order services from Imagit. Every eSoW is reviewed by your Imagit Inc (herein referred to as Imagit) account manager and may require conversion to a Statement of Work (SoW) at the account manager’s discretion. If you have any questions about this eSoW please reach out to your account manager.