Brian GardnerCEO
Brian Gardner founded Imagit Inc in 1999. His entrepreneurial mindset and bold vision has brought the company from its humble beginnings and transformed it into a global powerhouse with coverage in 45 countries. Brian is a self-taught computer and electronics expert with a wealth of computer networking knowledge and experience. He surrounds himself with a team of expert networking professionals, always focusing on quality service to continue taking Imagit to new heights. As CEO, Brian works closely with the senior leadership at Imagit to ensure that we not only continue to define our core values, mission and culture, but also that the entire company operates by these every minute and every hour. Brian drives growth at Imagit by dedicating time to meeting with clients and prospects externally while developing the skills of the leadership team internally. By focusing on personal advancement of the Imagit team, cooperation, and innovation, Brian is shaping Imagit into a world class organization bringing expert IT solutions to Channel Partners, MSPs, and Enterprise businesses.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys adventure sports, travel, and entrepreneurial ventures. He is also founder of The Gardner Foundation, supporting charitable organizations assisting children and adults with developmental disabilities.

To learn more about other companies in Brian’s portfolio visit www.BrianEGardner.com.

Joe BedalowManaging Partner
Joe Bedalow is the Managing Partner at Imagit, where he establishes Imagit’s global Sales and Marketing strategies to drive awareness and uncovers demand while developing enterprise-level and international partnerships. Joe has authored several pieces centered around the importance of efficient IT environments and partnerships to the long-term success and scalability of a business. Joe is passionate about the development of his team and teaches a course on the world-renowned “Challenger” sales method which demonstrations how to execute complex, large-scale business-to-business solutions.

Around the community, he volunteers with several organizations. A couple of his favorite local factions are IAG (Individual Advocacy Group) and Misericordia both of which help individuals with special needs live full, self-directed lives. He also works with the tuition assistance programs at his Chicago-based alma maters St. Ignatius College Prep and FXW. In his spare time, Joe follows his beloved Chicago sports teams and participates in recreational athletics several times a week. Joe holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Kansas.