Every company should have a complete recovery plan in case the worst should happen.

Do you have a complete plan to keep your business running should you experience a network outage, natural disaster, or other catastrophic loss? Is your plan flexible, comprehensive, and secure for true disaster preparation?

Many companies fail to implement a full disaster recovery plan until it’s too late. Avoid costly downtime with a complete plan that is specially designed for your business, implemented in a way that makes sense for your employees, and rigorously tested to ensure its failsafe. Here at ImagIT we know that every company needs a reliable, scalable disaster recovery solution and we want to help you create a custom plan that will keep your business running in the face of disaster. We will work with you and your team to build a plan that works for your business and your budget.

Do you have a Business Impact Analysis?

If you are wondering how much an outage could cost your organization or if you can afford the loss of revenue if disaster hits your business, you need a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). A Business Impact Analysis is at the heart of every good Disaster Recovery plan and serves to find the true impact of a disruption to your organization. ImagIT will identify critical and time-sensitive functions that will define the best solution for your business and help you build a recovery strategy to minimize the impact of disaster.

Are you testing your disaster recovery plans?

Disaster recovery plans are only as effective as the tests they pass. Ensure the reliability of your solution with independent testing by ImagIT. We maintain industry standards for complete testing and review to make sure that your plan is up-to-date and effective. Should your plan fail in some area, we will work with you to find a complete and proven solution that is viable at every level of your business.

How are you backing up critical data?

Will you have the ability to survive a crisis?

We have the solution for every business.

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